Rest Naturally

Bare 5 Element #3…

Rest Naturally

Once again, this is a simple one. People overlook sleep and think they’ll be fine without an adequate amount of it. We can certainly get by with an inadequate amount or poor quality of sleep, but we will not thrive. We will not maximize health and will likely put ourselves at risk of several health conditions if we ignore the importance of sleep and recovery. You repair your body, build muscle, burn fat and fight disease while you sleep. That should be enough for most people. Rest could be the one thing that drives our health in the right direction. With proper sleep and rest, much of the other elements often fall right into place. A good rule of thumb: rest when the sun does. Wind down after the sun goes down, get to sleep early and rise early. I am reminded of the old saying Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.


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