Barefoot HQ

There is no easier and more effective way to get back in touch with what it is like to be human than to take off your shoes. We have been in contact with the ground for 99.9% of our time on this planet and we function best when not disconnected from the earth. Every part of our body and brain functions more naturally when we are connected by those Bare 5 toes and feet. Most people inherently know it feels good to go barefoot but have slowly been desensitized to doing it, mostly through our “devolving” social norms. But why disconnect ourselves from the earth? Go barefoot when you can! When you can’t, no big deal. When you want to go barefoot but the situation doesn’t really call for it, check out the fantastic line of minimalist shoes that are flooding the market. The possibilities are endless!

My belief is this- the more time you spend barefoot or close to it, the better you will feel from head to toe!

That being said, here is your barefoot and minimalist info!

Birthday Shoes The barefoot/minimalist forum and online shopping guide

Vibram Five Fingers The source of the “toe shoes” you see me wearing

The Barefoot Alternative: Vibram Five Fingers Tim Ferriss via Huffington Post

You Are the Technology The Vibram Five Finger Bikila Website – awesome stuff

News and Research from Exuberant Animal Website with several links on this page

Barefoot Sensei Grandfather of barefooters

Barefoot Wikipedia entry

The Running Barefoot Website

The Barefoot Professor Blog and book

Run Bare Website

Barefoot Running Guide How To Guide from Tellman Knudson and

A few more Barefoot ArticlesMore to come soon!



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