Misc website transfers

Primal Body Primal Mind Podcast

Eat Fat Lose Fat
David Kessler – The End of Overeating

Brain Vitamins…
L-carnosine 500mg acetyl version
r-lipoeic acid
B vitamins – B12
PS phosphotyo
Glutathione transdermal
Fish oil

Enterolab (genetic marker and testing- gluten & casein)

Regional carb & alcoholism correlation? (race & enthicity)

Community support is big

Native populations are more affected by carb indulgence

Know your heritage and environment… if you grow up with sunshine you have less vitamin D receptors because you have been overwhelmed with sun- so if you move away from the the equator you might have vitamin D deficiency

Irish heritage may not have enzyme that converts plant based omega 3 to useable form

More northern heritage means likely more dependent on animals

Very few pure breeds left- everyone is a heritage and regional mix

Nature is about the perpetuation of life

mTor pathway – new discoveries


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