Professionals supporting nutritional/lifestyle adjustment, including carbohydrate restriction and Paleo/Primal based approaches…

(This is a very small list of the growing number of supporters)

Livin La Vida Low Carb’s Low Carb Doctor List

Paleo Physicians Network

Directory of Innovative Health Professionals via Life Extension

Some of the following professionals support the paleo/primal ancestral lifestyle, some preach full carbohydrate restriction, some support partial and/or specific type of carb restriction. Others simply preach/practice more natural based approaches to health. Check out their links to learn more about the philosophy/approach they support.

Dr. Nancy Appleton – Nutrition & Health Services Nancy Appleton
Dr. Richard Bernstein – Diabetic Treatment Diabetes Solution
Dr. Johnny Bowden – Nutritionist Johnny Bowden
Dr. John Briffa – Integrated Medicine & Nutrition Dr. Briffa
Dr. Terry M. Brown – Bariatrics, Sleep & Neurology Sleep Medicine Associates
Dr. James Carlson – Family Medicine James Carlson
Dr. Michael Dansinger – Diet & Health WebMD Blog
Dr. William Davis – Cardiologist Heartscan Blog
Dr. Michael Eades – Bariatric, Nutritional & Metabolic Medicine Protein Power
Dr. Mary Dan Eades – Bariatric, Nutritional & Metabolic Medicine Protein Power
Jacqueline A. Eberstein, R.N. – Nutritional Education Controlled Carb
Dr. Mary J. Enig – Nutrition Stop the Trans Fat
Dr. Bill Gavin – Interventive Cardiology, Internal Medicine No White at Night
Nora Gedgaudas – Nutrition & Neurofeedback Primal Body-Primal Mind
Dr. Barry Groves – Nutritional Science Second Opinions
Dr. Stephan Guyenet – Biochemistry & Neurobiology Whole Health Source
Dr. Mark D. Haub – Nutrition & Exercise Physiology Bio
Dr. Kurt Harris – Radiology PaNu
Dr. Datis Kharrazian – Chiropractic, Nutrition, Neuroendocrine-immunology Dr. K News
Dr. Eric Kossoff – Neurology & Pediatrics, incl. Epilepsy Dr. Kossoff
Dr. Mathieu Lalonde – Organic Chemistry PaleoSchool
Dr. David Ludwig – Pediatric Obesity Ending the Food Fight
Dr. Robert Lustig – Pediatric Obesitry (Proponent of Fructose Restriction, not carb restriction)
Dr. Donald Miller – Cardiac Surgery Donald Miller
Jolene Park – Corporate Nutrition Healthy Discoveries
Dr. Wendy K. Pogozelski – Biochemistry Wendy Knapp Pogozelski
Dr. Uffe Ravnskov – Chemistry & Nephrology The Cholesterol Myths
Dr. Michael Roossin – Radiology
Dr. Ron Rosedale – Nutrition & Metabolic Medicine Dr. Rosedale
Dr. John Salerno – Anti-Aging & Complementary Medicine The Silver Cloud Diet
Dr. Al Sears – Heart Health & Longevity Al Sears MD
Dr. Barry Sears – Biochemistry Dr. Sears
Dr. Catey Shanahan – Family Physician Dr. Cate
Melissa Diane Smith – Nutritionist & Health Educator Against the Grain
Dr. Robert Su – Anesthesiology & Pain Management Carbohydrates Can Kill
Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum – Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue End Fatigue
Dr. Rob Thompson – Cardiology & Internal Medicine Low Glycemic Load
Dr. Mary Vernon – Bariatric Nutrition My IMS Online
Dr. Bryan P. Walsh – Naturopathic Physician Dr. Bryan P. Walsh
Dr. Eric C. Westman – Internal Medicine My IMS Online


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