Which Pill Will You Take?

The Battle of Diets: Is Anyone Winning at Losing?

Reinventing School Lunches

Neuroscience caveman

Sugar: The Bitter Truth (full version)

Sugar: The Bitter Truth (short version by Underground Wellness)

Gary Taubes on Larry King Live Part 1

Gary taubes on Larry King Live Part 2

Gary Taubes on Nightline

Jack Lalanne: Sugarholics

Paleo in a Nutshell Part 1: Food

The Workout the World Forgot

True to My Nature

Art Devany New Evolution Trailer

Cholesterol Myths

The Cholesterol Lie: What Your Doctor Doesn’t Know

High Cholesterol Does Not Cause Heart Disease or Heart Attacks

Cholesterol and Heart Disease

Cholesterol Drug Scam

The Lipitor Paradox

Intro to Organic Chemistry

Intro to Organic Chemistry 2

Leptin: Fat Loss For Smart People

23 1/2 Hours: What is the single best thing we can do for our health?

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  1. i eat steak and eggs for breakfast, steak for lunch, roast chkicen for dinner variation off of that pretty much everyday for the past 2 yrs. went from 260lbs to 175lbs lean, i never exercise more than half an hr a day. I USED TO BOX and still couldn’t manage my weight when I ate alot of carbohydrates. TRUTH TO GARY TAUBES / METABOLIC TYPING for rejuvenating my life! I am currently getting my MD, hope to get the word out for future generations! now we know the truth, its how to disseminate!


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