Things That Interested Me This Week: 9-20-11

What interested me this week? A lot! Paleo diet news and guides, dietary dogma, thoughts on water, a new way to look at fat, an anti-cancer diet, night owls, raw milk, post-workout nutrition, losing the “low carb” title, fructose and an interesting new blog.

The Paleo Diet for Beginners (with Vegetarian Options) – Paleo Diet News
A nice look at the framework of the Paleo Diet and how to get started.

Against Dietary Dogmatism – The Daily Lipid
Are we getting too dogmatic about diet?

Water: Is it Good or Bad? – 180 Degree Health
A critical look at water’s role in individual health

The Paleo Diet: Neanderthal Immunity Boost – Paleo Diet News
Neanderthal infused DNA helped protect us over time.

There is No Such Thing as a Macronutrient Part 1 – Fats – Archevore
It’s time to stop looking at nutrition in terms of fat, protein and carbs.

Toward an Anti-Cancer Diet – Perfect Health Diet
A look at the diet-cancer connection.

Night Owls May Want to Dim Their Lights – Science News
A look at the connection between light, hormones and sleep

Kids Who Drink Raw Milk Have Less Asthma, Allergies – Fox News
Report from a recent European study.

Top 5 Things You Must Know About Post-Workout Nutrition – Charles Poliquin
Nice, quick summary of the topic.

Another One Bites the Dust – Castle Grok
A low-carb podcast changes it’s name.

Adverse Effects of Dietary Fructose – A Natural Healing Center
Review of fructose by Alan R. Gaby, M.D.

Anthony Colpo – website/blog
Health and fitness info.


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