Things That Interested Me This Week: 10-20-11

Since I missed a weekly post, it seems as if there were dozens of interesting things one after the other. Here are just a few of the things that caught my eye the last two weeks…

The biggest was “Are there ‘safe starches’?” Intermittent fasting, glucose hysteresis (for nerds only), longevity, heart problems for endurance athletes, leptin and sepsis, fructose, thyroid, low-carb perspectives, fair-skinned vitamin D deficiency, muscle loss and dieting, foods that boost immunity and the Perfect Health Diet (with ice cream recipe).

Is There Any Such Thing As ‘Safe Starches’ On A Low-Carb Diet?
Jimmy Moore asks the question and the answers fly in from dozens of experts

Experiments with Intermittent Fasting
Online E-book from Precision Nutrition

Mobbs – Secret of the Lac Operon
Looking at the role of glucose hysteresis as a dietary mechanism in dietary restriction, aging and disease.

The Quilt
A new way of looking at longevity and health in “quilt” form by Dr. Jack Kruse.

Atrial Fibrilation in Endurance Athletes Still Poses Problems for Sports Cardiologists
Exploring the connection between endurance training and cardiovascular risk increases from Science Daily.

Leptin action in the brain linked to sepsis survival
Science Daily reviews how leptin aids central nervous system defense against sepsis.

Not So Sweet: Fructose Malabsorption
Today’s Dietician looks at fructose absorption disorders.

Low T3 syndrome III: inflammation strikes again
Chris Kresser continues his thyroid series.

Perspectives on Low-Carb, I: Dr. Kurt Harris
Perfect Health Diet discusses low-carb comparisons with Dr. Harris’ Archevore template

Fair-skinned individuals at risk of vitamin D deficiency
Dr. Briffa takes a quick look at this topic

How To Stop Muscle Loss While Dieting: Top 10 LBM Saving Strategies (Checklist)
Tom Venuto review

Vince Gironda’s 7 Secrets To Gain Muscle
Tom Venutos reviews the Iron Guru’s top secrets

5 Surprising Foods That Boost Immunity
Review from Shine (Yahoo)

The Perfect Health Diet
A very balanced and sensible approach (Ice Cream Recipe)


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