Be A Gluten Detective

Very few people need to completely avoid wheat and gluten but nearly everyone I’ve come across feels, looks and performs better by limiting their exposure to it. Mostly found in “food products”, wheat and/or gluten is becoming a universal ingredient added to prepared and processed food and is almost everywhere these days. That being said, if you are trying to limit your exposure it can be quite challenging to know where it’s hiding and if, in the case of gluten, it’s masquerading as something else. You literally must become a gluten detective. Spotting wheat in an ingredient list is easy but finding other sources is pretty challenging. Step in the Gluten Guide from Balanced Bites. Nearly everything you ever wanted to know about being Gluten Free or a Gluten Detective is in this PDF:
Check out this and many more helpful PDF Guides at <a href=""

Even if you aren’t going to take this super seriously, we can all benefit from becoming more aware what’s in the foods we eat so I encourage you to give it some of your time.

Good luck to all the gluten detectives out there!

Thanks for reading, have a great day!


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