The Journey Up The Mountain

Pearls From Pirsig
 Everyone loves the finish of a journey. Crossing the finish line or reaching the peak of the mountain. There’s nothing quite like that last step that completes a long and often challenging pursuit. Achieving a goal and wrapping up a journey is extremely rewarding and should be savored.

Here’s the thing:

Getting to the top of the mountain is great but all of the work, all of the effort all and of the reward comes from the climb itself. The peak is a moment in time that’s nice but literally is only a few steps of the entire journey and should be thought of as just that. Achieving a goal is only possible if everything else before it happens. Mountains worth climbing are the ones where the value lies in the process, not just in the outcome. No matter the goal, put your effort and attention into the journey because that’s where the action and substance is.

The peak can be the goal but life happens during the journey.

We often forget about the part of the journey in the beginning- what it was like to stand there at the bottom, thinking about what it’s going to be like climbing that mountain. The preparation. Wondering what it’s going to take. Wondering if we have it in ourselves to achieve it. There’s tremendous value in that part of the journey. 

Then there is the climb itself. All of the ups and downs, great days followed by missteps, big strides sandwiched between slips. Some bruises and scrapes, juxtaposed between frustration and elation, with a little (or a lot) of monatany mixed in. 

Everyone’s journey up the mountain is on their own accord. Some have an easier time than others. Some have climbed certain mountains before while others are new in the game. Regardless of who you are or where you’re at do it at your own pace and within your abilities. Just like you don’t climb a sheer cliff face as a novice hiker, don’t follow a bodybuilder’s precontest regiment and expect to not fall crashing down. Be smart about your path and listen to your body. When restless, speed up. If you’re tired, slow down. 

Keep your sights on the top but your eyes on each step you take because those are the day to day things that really propel you to the top. 

To accomplish anything worthwhile you have to go through a lot. Give yourself credit for every step, every effort and don’t forget the journey was the entire process, every step you took, from staring up at the mountain to you at the top reveling in a goal achieved. 
Thanks for reading, have a great day!


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