Know-vember or NO-vemeber?

It’s a perpetual problem in health: what do we know and what do we not know?

Or more specifically…

What do we know for sure?
What do we not know for sure?
What do we think we know but realize we don’t know for sure?
What do we think we know but don’t realize we don’t?

Spoiler alert: There’s almost nothing in the first two categories and the rest is in the last two. We know very little for sure and have no idea about very little but there’s a ton that we think we know- some of which we realize there’s more to learn and some of which we don’t realize we are wrong.

The inherent problem with this is how much advice and guidance is based off of what we “know” and how much changes every time what we know changes.

What they don’t know can definitely hurt us.

It’s really tough to have to keep up with all this stuff, particularly if you don’t know what we know and what we don’t. There’s so much intricacy to health and all it’s different components and nuances so I’m going to attempt to use the month of November to explore what we know and what we don’t in a little more detail. Some of it will be new material/subjects but much of it will be a revisiting or expansion of what’s been covered in the past. I’ll try to keep some of it brief and to the point but if there’s anything you might “know” about me is that I like to overexplain things…. 🙂

Here will be the key you can look for:

KNOW = we pretty much know something with little debate.

NO = we don’t know much and know we don’t.

know = things we know and realize there’s more to learn.

kNOw = things we think we know but are likely wrong about.

Thanks for reading, have a great KNOW-vember!

P.S. Let me know if there’s anything you would like me to cover and I’ll do my best to break it down!


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