Eat Naturally

Bare 5 Element #1…

Eat Naturally

This is simple… eat foods that are whole, natural and unprocessed. The longer we have been eating it the better. There is a little gray area here but, in general, if you are eating whole foods that man did not have anything to do with aside from pick it or catch it, then you are probably doing well. If if came straight from the earth you’re in great shape. If humans tinkered with it first, be a little more wary. If humans created it, avoid it entirely. Remember, we are what we eat, eat foods that are natural themselves. Genetically modified wheat and salmon are not natural. Cows that eat grains are not natural. Eat things that grow in the way they are naturally designed. This also means eat with the seasons. Ingesting massive amounts of fruit in the deep winter is not natural. Eating a ketogenic diet in the summer is not natural. Eat food when it naturally occurs. Natural food = natural health. As Hippocrates once said “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”


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