Move Naturally

Bare 5 Element #2…

Move Naturally

In essence, the key is to move naturally, as humans have done for quite some time. Move around, walk, lift things, carry things, run, jump, climb. Get back to the natural way of human movement.

Step one… Take off your shoes. We evolved without shoes- feet connected to the earth… our Bare 5 toes giving us feedback on every step. Reconnect to the earth, even if it’s hardwood floors and cement. Dirt and grass is better but any connection is better than none.

Step two… Move your body. Walk, work, just move around. Make your life more active. I’m not talking exercise, I’m talking activity. The more the better.

Step three… Do it in nature. Take the above two and take it outside. A nearby park? Go explore…

Step four… Take it to the next level. Play with weights and intensity. Don’t overdo this- make it brief, intermittent and intense.

Step five… Have fun with it. There is nothing like moving your body and having a great time while doing it. Play, dance, skip. Do active and FUN things.

As the old saying goes We don’t stop moving because we get old, we get old because we stop moving.



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