Nature’s Energy Drink

Last night was a long night. Got to bed late (10:30) and then shortly after 11 the power in our neighborhood went out. Not usually a problem if you’re sleeping unless it happens to scare two of your young kids who won’t go back to sleep (thankfully the baby slept through all the commotion! 🙂 he’s a rock star).

Needless to say, we all didn’t get back to sleep until about 2:30. Two and a half hours later the power was back on but it was time for me to get up and go to work. Even though I really enjoy my job, Thursdays are typically 12 hour work days for me so I was ready to experience a longer seeming day than usual. A cup of coffee in the morning (very common) and I was off and running. Sure enough, 1-2pm came around and I was starting to feel the effects of the lack of sleep.

Being a pretty normal human, my mind immediately starting searching for what could give me a pick me up. Coffee? Not really an option, I like a cup in the morning and that’s it. Soda? No way. Energy drink? Not a chance.

Coffee, soda and energy drinks are very popular things across the globe when afternoon fatigue sets in but as most of us know the problem is that most of these drinks (or foods) being used as a “pick me up” are not good for your body or brain, are followed up with a pretty big let down, and often become a crutch or an addiction.

After ruling out the typical choices, I asked myself, “what would you tell someone else to do in this situation?” In that moment I realized the answer was something I have used many times before but my tired brain wasn’t recalling until just now. Use the body and its biology for a more effective and natural pick me up.

Nature’s Energy Drink

The formula is simple and contains 3 ingredients: cold water, sunshine and movement.
Drink a glass of cold water then add a walk outside in the sunshine. 2 minutes. Done. Energy restored.

Works like a charm every time. All three of these have great impact individually in waking the body up. Put them together and not only do you get the most bang for your buck you end feeling reenergized and good about how you turned your day around.

Can’t do all three? Just try one or two. Some push-ups and water works. Just experiencing bright sunlight and getting sunlight on your face for a few moments goes a long way too. Whatever version it might be, water followed by sunlight and moving your body is nature’s ultimate energy drink and pick me up.

Give this natural wake up formula a shot next time that afternoon lull hits and feel your body loving your choice.

Thanks for reading, have a great energizing day!


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