But What About Cancer?

A slew of research points to cancer from animal consumption, right? Maybe not so simple. Before you cite the China Study, let’s delve into this a little deeper. There does not appear to be any iron-clad evidence on this either. Some correlation, yes, but there are some problems with some of this research. It is difficult to find causality, and just because you find a relationship, it does not mean you have found a cause. Tumor growth is spurred by several factors. This is my current understanding: cancer cells are turned on by insulin-like growth factor and are fed by glucose. Protein may have some role here but appears to be less of a contributing factor than many people have stated. Maybe most interesting is how much cancer research and treatment is now happening with ketogenic diets (very low carb/high fat). This may tell the whole story in itself.

A few articles on cancer…

High Fat Diet Linked to Breast Cancer? Article from Mark’s Daily Apple

Refuting the China Study Collection of China Study criticism

Toward an Anti-Cancer Diet Article from Perfect Health Diet


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