…Eating Too Much Meat?

But What About Eating Too Much Meat?

A lot of misconception on this but there are a few things that have some gray areas. Eating too much red meat will cause heart disease, right? There is some evidence, potentially, but the research is not conclusive and only studies factory farmed meat sources. So, in terms of eating real meat, not much evidence out there. There does seem to be quite a few health benefits conferred from eating pastured, grass-fed meat compared to factory farmed meat. However, this is more in terms of the antibiotics, hormones and food the animals are exposed to that downgrades the quality of their meat and fat. The benefit that people can confer from traditional red meat seems to far outweigh the potential detriments. The bottom line: Animals that eat what they are supposed to eat will offer several health benefits to humans that choose to eat them and there is no solid evidence that you can over consume real meat.

A few articles on meat/red meat…

Red Meat is Good For You? Article from the Daily Mail

Missing Link Ate Meat Article from Al Sears

High Protein Diets: Separating Fact From Fiction Article from Power of Meat

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