But What About Energy?

People are often concerned that without grains, they will have no energy. This makes sense from what standard nutritional thinking has been but it’s nice to say this is nothing to worry about. You can get all the energy you need from the rest of the food system. Trust me. I have experienced it personally and have heard countless testimonials of increased energy from removing grains from the diet. There are also plenty of athletes who utilize the Paleo approach. If athletes don’t suffer energy issues, the normal person has nothing to worry about.

A few articles on energy, mostly from an active perspective…

Should You Be Eating Like The Cavemen? Article from Runner’s World

Here are a few endurance athletes that don’t need to worry about grains for energy…

Jonas Colting

Multi-Sport Athlete, Greg Parham Talks About The Paleo Diet for Performance Post from Living Paleo

Mark Pomery

Nell Stephenson

The world of CrossFit (a very high energy workout approach) is pro Paleo

Check out this source for more… Paleo Diet for Athletes


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