Glycemic Index & Load

One of the popular ways to look at the impact certain foods have on our health is Glycemic Index/Load. Here are the definitions of …  Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load.

I prefer to look at glycemic load, but they both come in handy.

Some various charts for reference…


By Food Type From Harvard Medical School

International Table of Glycemic Index & Load Values 2002 (very detailed) Special report from Amer Jour Clin Nutrition

Revised International Table of GI & L values 2008 (detailed) From

This is next one is of my favorites- a matrix that shows you some examples of how to look at index and load in relation to one another…

GI/GL Matrix From Amer Jour Clin Nutrition via Health Mango


Alphabetical (Extensive) From

By Food Type From

By Food Type (with Packaged Foods Included) From Glycemic Edge

From High to Low From The Food Farce

The important thing is to use all this info in conjunction with how different foods make you feel. No matter what a particular chart or index might say, the ultimate determinant of a food is how it affects and/or impacts you.

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