The Minors

I love baseball and have spent much of my life playing and watching it. As a result, I often see life through the lens of baseball. When it comes to writing posts for Bare 5, it’s not too different. I am constantly jotting down ideas, notes and ponderings to write about later. Since most of my thoughts don’t end up in an immediate blog post or article, here’s where my ideas spend some time, work on a few things and get ready for the big time. Bare 5 has an extensive minor league system that includes thoughts that are almost ready (AAA), thoughts in the middle ground (AA) and the rookies (A). Ideas come and go, move up and down and generally develop as time goes on. Some don’t even stop here and go straight to the big time while others have been here for a couple years and haven’t moved around much. Just like in baseball, what gets written on depends what’s needed in the organization at the time. Even the best ideas can struggle here for a while, waiting for their chance, and a few even get released if they aren’t jiving with the direction I want to go. For most of them however, when the time is right, whether they have been in waiting for a day or a year, get the call up to the majors to fulfill their life long dreams of becoming a big time blog post…

The Bare 5 Minor Leaguers

Just Called Up

Is It All About Blood Sugar?


Humans, Latitude and Circadian Rhythms

The World’s Population Mapped by Latitude and Longitude

Population by Latitude:

Population by Longitude:


What causes our systems to break?
when you’re young we get away with everything because the systems were good, as we get older we can’t get away with anything because our systems don’t work. What causes that? Is it stress?

For the first time in our human history willpower than an issue when it comes to food typically when we’re hungry no food around assistant who is going to be bad we would not have to use your willpower for the food around. Willpower and food is a relatively new relationship. Advanced or developed willpower may or may have at one point been injured people who ate really packed on more energy and survive longer.

Advertising for food- commercials are like foreplay for our food intake. get the body primed and ready it’s everything going this direction one more.


Does old behavior and diet change things for good? Ie soda consumption makes you function better on some soda?

Be Present

Is Fat a safety blanket?

Nutrition Triage

My Thoughts On Paleo

Evolutionary Logic

What do squirrels or other mammals eat to fatten up for the winter?
They eat these foods for a very specific reason winter is right around the corner and food will not be there. Are we eating the same thing, are we eating it year-round- not a big deal unless winter never comes.

Science keeps looking for reasons meat is linked to heart disease. First cholesterol then fat. Hmmm, that didn’t work. Carnatine? Did they ever stop to think, what if the link is wrong?

Change is only possible when crisis occurs


Rock your cravings to sleep
Treat them as a child
Enjoy good food
Don’t cheat with a stale cookies

What do all diets have in common?
Limit sugars carbs

Have original observation. Don’t be blocked by what we think we should think. Start with the smallest detail and work outward.
Don’t imitate, originate.

What’s the pattern in/of my life?

Ideas for application:

Stop trusting the mainstream
become your own guru
Eat better food
Eat older food
Be conscious of food
Move in enjoyable ways
Sleep and rest better

I’m just here to get people to ask how they can do better and give some ideas on things to try.

Stop thinking we are broken and need fixing. Have faith in humans. We have made it so far.

We are starting to suffer because for the first time in human history we control more things than Mother Nature.

My thoughts…

Medical Mystery…
Understanding cholesterol and heart disease is similar to solving a crime to catch a murderer. The body gives us clues. Every time we get a clue we make a conclusion. Sometimes they lead us in the right direction sometimes thet don’t. And if we get a clue that changes everything then so be it. Sometimes there are false clues. Sometimes there are misinterpreted clues. Just keep looking and pursuing. Blood tests give us clues to the status of the body. Not what is causing things.

Other Peoples’ Thoughts…

Sometimes our malfunction is a result of a lower model operating system. Could be genetic or epigenetic.
The strength of information isn’t great enough to confer good homeostatic environment.
How can we help the part that needs to be helped?

Low level immune system attacks everything and leads to autoimmune.
Higher level immune system can tell the difference between bacteria and thyroid for example.

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