Things That Interested Me This Week: 10-6-11

Another week full of interesting stuff…

Food as medicine, fructose slows fat burning, more trouble for statins, finding your inner masterpiece, health myths and 2 very informative websites from professionals in the health/medicine world.

Can Food Be Medicine? Part 1
A nice look at the old fashioned use of food as medicine from Healthy Living How To.

Fructose, but not glucose, found to reduce fat-burning and metabolic rate
Review of current research on this topic from Dr. Briffa.

Medical journal editors brand statins as “without known benefit but with definite risk” for most
Another indictment of statins as covered by Dr. Briffa.

How To Find Your Inner Masterpiece
Heavy in biochemistry but great info from Dr. Jack Kruse.

5 Surprising Health Myths
A quick look at some things that might surprise you from Adam Bornstein at

Optimal Health Research
Great website with tons of research compiled by Dr. Alex Vasquez.

Living an Optimized Life
Great resource from neurosurgeon and health researcher Dr. Jack Kruse.


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