Things That Interested Me: Week of Nov 16, 2011

This will most likely become an every other week post as I am having a tough time keeping up with everything going on in the world! That being said, I would still like to put together (on a regular basis) the things that interest me and that I think people might get some benefit from checking out…

The last couple weeks have been filled with so much good stuff! The things that got my attention the last two weeks are digestion (post coming soon…), ketosis, carbohydrate reclassification, darkness helping fat loss, is fructose is really bad for you? or good for you? or is sugar really bad? (or both?), wild and ancient fruit, useful guides (fats/sweeteners), thyroid, soda and violence, vegetables, kombucha, osteoporosis and vitamin K2, french fries the old fashioned way and a primal pumpkin brownie recipe!

Digestion: From Top to Bottom Bare 5 post coming soon…

Thoughts on Ketosis – I Kurt Harris (Archevore) delves into the blossoming confusion surrounding ketosis – I had a little online debate about this issue and feel pretty much the same as Dr. Harris
Thoughts on Ketosis – II Continued…

No such thing as a macronutrient part II: carbohydrates (revised) Archevore looks at reclassifying carbs – anyone who mentions carbs as part of the “diet” needs to read this.

Turn Down the Lights, Turn Up Your Metabolism From Balanced Bites – Great post

This Common Food Ingredient Is As Addictive as Cocaine? Dr. Mercola explores fructose – interesting read, particularly in relation to uric acid and gout.

Fructose in fruits may be good for you, especially if you are low in glycogen Post from Health Correlator – Something to think about for people with healthy metabolisms who are afraid of fruit because it contains “sugar”.

This Addictive Commonly Used Food Feeds Cancer Cells, Triggers Weight Gain, and Promotes Premature Aging From Dr. Mercola – all about sugar…

Wild and Ancient Fruit: Is it Really Small, Bitter, and Low in Sugar? Great review from Raw Food SOS – important read for people who make the assumption modern fruit is nothing like ancient fruit.

Resources and Useful Guides (fats & oils, sweeteners, gluten) Charts and PDF files from Balanced Bites – these are cool

Thyroid Disease 101 basic review

Low T3 Syndrome IV: an autoimmune disease you’ve never heard of? Continued series from Chris Kresser – important series for people with potential thyroid dysfunction

Soda consumption linked to teen violence, study finds From Natural News – not surprising

William Munny Eats His Vegetables Archevore explores the value of vegetables – Very interesting perspective for everyone to read, particularly veggie people and vegetarians/vegans

Kombucha: A Reintroduction to this ancient tonic Review from Nourished Kitchen – I have been trying out store bought kombucha and really enjoying it.

Osteoporosis Two: the Vitamin K2 Story Review from Dr. Kruse

Beef Tallow French Fries Cheeseslave review how fries used to and probably should again be made.

Primal Almond Butter Pumpkin Brownies Courtesy of This Primal Life

Thanks for reading, have a great week!


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