US Wellness Meats

Now a Bare 5 Affiliate!

US Wellness Meats – Our Animals Eat Right So You Can Too

US Wellness Meats: The Bare 5 go to source for pastured, grass fed meat and naturally raised products.

This is my personal favorite resource for beef and lamb, fantastic jerky and pemmican, sausage, shrimp, raw cheese, liverwurst, organ meats and more!

What I love about US Wellness Meats is pastured animals with cooked with nothing but basic spices. Check out the website for way more options and free delivery with any order over 7lbs which is easy to do when you see how many quality products they have.

Just for anyone’s curiosity, this is usually what I get…
Pemmican bars
Beef jerky (spicy is my favorite)
Ground meats (beef, pork, chicken)
Liverwurst (beef, liver, kidney, heart combo)
Braunschweiger (beef/liver mix)
Sausage (beef or pork based)

I could easily order more but keep it simple and usually try something new each time I order.

So check it out and enjoy some quality animal products delivered to your door!


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