Things That Intererested Me: Week of Nov 29, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

The last few weeks were filled with fantastic fun, family and food. Along the way, I learned quite a bit. Here is what caught my interest the last two weeks: Effort, poopin’, seasonal drinks, pork, thyroid, Thanksgiving myths, meal frequency, the flu, GMO cooking oils, lard, jaw bones, self health exam, sleep positions and (shocker here) cholesterol.

Effort Post from Frontdive Fitness – So true- how much in life is determined by our effort

Poopin’ 1.0: The Big Red Poop! Video from Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness – Watch these- even if it creeps you out.
Poopin’ 2.0! The sequel

Seasons Drinkings Paleo friendly seasonal drinks from Robb Wolf – Haven’t tried these but they are certainly a better choice than getting the store bought versions

Is Pork Bad For You? Review of pork from Food Renegade – Very interesting
The Definitive Guide To Pork Followup from Food Renegade – Very helpful

Low T3 syndrome V: should it be treated with thyroid hormone? Next installment in thyroid series from Chris Kresser – More thought provoking material

The Truth about Thanksgiving looks at 5 Thanksgiving Myths – Short but interesting article

How Often Should We Eat? Dr. Briffa asks the question – Nice review
One Way to Prevent the Flu is to Catch the Flu Dr. Briffa looks at flu season pros and cons – Read before you get a flu shot

Urgent: Throw These Cooking Oils in the Trash Dr. Mercola reviews the dangers of (GMO) vegetable oils – Couldn’t agree more

Good Lard, Bad Lard: What Do You Get When You Cross a Pig and a Coconut? Chris Masterjohn looks at the fatty acid breakdown in lard – Very interesting, shows how much we can’t trust conclusions drawn by researchers

Jawbones are ‘shaped by diet’, a study finds Study review from BBC News – More info condemning agriculture

What Can You Find Out About Your Own Health? Dr. Kruse outlines at home health examinations – Cool stuff

Sleep- Which Surface is Best? Paleo Diet and Living – Interesting thoughts

I Have High Cholesterol and I Don’t Care Chris Kresser presents two videos overviewing the misunderstanding surrounding cholesterol – Two great videos, takes about 20 minutes to watch both

Thanks for reading, have a great week!

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