Things That Interested Me: Feb 22, 2012

Another couple weeks has just flown by! Here’s what has caught my attention lately…

The Paleo Summit, real salt, added fiber, fiber myths, dark chocolate, exercise myths, genetic gluten sensitivity testing, paleo fueled arctic adventure, top paleo supplements, the “Asian Paradox”, honey, health upgrades, big brains and evolution, healthy dairy fat, earthing and adrenal fatigue, sleep and obesity, a great podcast series on cholesterol and heart disease, and a cool active apparel discount website.

The Paleo Summit Sean Croxton at Underground Wellness has put together an amazing week long set of interviews with some big names in the Paleo community – register for free and enjoy some great talks and information!

Discover The Amazing Health Benefits of TRUE Salt One Green Planet breaks down what salt should be and how nutritious it is – great review, if this was the salt people were using they wouldn’t have to worry about “sodium intake”.

Is Adding Fiber To Food Really Good For You? NPR looks at the health benefits (or lack there of) of adding fiber to food – great video and article- my thought is you shouldn’t be eating any food that they add fiber to.

Myths and Truths About Fiber Chris Kresser breaks down fiber – good look at the “healthy” nutrient we all strive to get so much of.

When Dark Chocolate Isn’t The Primalist breaks down dark chocolate – quick informative post on one of my favorite treats.

Exercise Myths Frontdive Fitness busts a few fitness “myths” – short, sweet and to the point.

Genetic Testing for Gluten Sensitivity The Gluten Free Society provides kits to test yourself at home for genetic gluten sensitivity – this is cool, but the jury is still out on the accuracy of these type of tests.

Paleo Fueled Adventure Andrew Badenoch gets ready for a one man bike/raft adventure through the Arctic – check out more at his site

What Are The Top Ten Paleo Supplements Jack Kruse reviews the best supplements – always like his stuff, science heavy but very well researched.

The “Asian Paradox”: How Can Asians Eat So Much Rice and Not Gain Weight? Mark’s Daily Apple looks at rice consumption and the “paradox” involved with rice and Asian cuisine – very good article, important read for those who glorify research and info that supports Paleo and Primal eating – even though I think white rice is paleo personally.

Is Honey A Safe(r) Sweetener? Mark’s Daily Apple takes a close look at honey – another well thought out piece; I use honey as one of my main sweeteners.

12 Instant Health Upgrades Livestrong hands out some quick tips to feel and perform better – simple but good tips.

Big Brains Require An Explanation, Part I: Why Did Humans Become Smarter, Not Just More Numerous? starts a three part series on humans and how/why we developed big brains – pretty cool, I particularly enjoyed the climate change section.

Dairy Fat May Help Not Harm Harvard Gazette looks at research pointing toward compounds in dairy fat that help with type II diabetes – still want fat free milk?

Can Earthing Help Adrenal Fatigue? Food Renegade discussing earthing in context of adrenal recovery – more people should know about earthing; a pillar of the Bare 5 Elements is Connect, and that means with the Earth, there are some fantastic health benefits to be had and regained.

Can Lack of Sleep Contribute to Obesity? Dr. Briffa looks at a recent study linking lack of sleep to increased response to food in the brain – fatigue makes us think about food more? No way…

Revolution Health Radio Chris Kresser’s podcast welcomes Chris Massterjohn for part 3 on Cholesterol and Heart Disease – all three were great and very informative, the above link also includes a transcript if you prefer to read over listening to a podcast.

LeftLane Sports Discounted active wear – I just registered and ordered a pair of Vivo Barefoot Trail shoes! Click the invite link here LeftLane Invite to get $10 off your first order. Also, if anyone you invite orders something, you get $10 credit to use as well!


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