What We Can Learn From Ants

Check this picture out…

The ants had 3 options: margarine, low fat margarine and real butter. Guess which one they seem to like. I just hope they don’t keel over and die from all that saturated fat…


I knew butter seemed like a more common sense choice all along… šŸ™‚

Thanks for reading, have a great real buttery week!

I came across this picture on Facebook and unfortunately don’t know the source but my thanks go out to whomever shared this with the world.


  1. Reblogged this on A Life Revived and commented:
    I have to share this! So many people (including me in the past) try and lose weight with “foods” that are lab created and really don’t resemble real food anymore. A few years ago I ate the butter sprays, splenda, and all sorts of artificial diet foods. I was slender, but my hair was falling out and I felt awful! Great post!

    • Thanks! I’m am right there with you. A few years ago I was a conventional wisdom follower and found myself sliding down a slippery slope. I’m so glad more and more of us are moving away from all at lab created food. I know I feel a heck of a lot better as a result!


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