Get Hysterical


When’s the last time you laughed so hard you cried? Or hurt? Or couldn’t breathe? Or just said “Man that felt good”?

If it’s been a while, time to get chucklin’. This did it for me, particularly about 2:00 into it…

Laughing is so good for your health- laugh as much as you can. Try being in a bad mood after a good laugh. It is impossible. Next time you have a good laugh, pay attention to how your body feels. It is pretty amazing when you stop and pay attention to it. The healing that can take place in the presence of joy, happiness and laughter is unprecedented.

Take it from kids: Laughing is awesome and should be done as often as possible.

Find any excuse to laugh. Movies, comedians, good friends, family, silliness, tickling, crazy videos- whatever it takes to find your laughter.

Laugh and be well.

Laugh and be happy.

Laugh and get an ab workout.

Just laugh.

Thanks for reading, have a side splitting day!

P.S. A few videos that made me laugh too…

I am a big fan of this show when I need a good laugh…

After a nice good laugh…



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