Plug In



Connecting to the Earth. Feeding off it’s energy. One of the most powerful things you can do for your health.

It really is as simple as touching the earth. Skin to ground. Five minutes or an hour, for as long as you can, connect with the earth and ground yourself.

The earth is a massive ball of energy. We are energy. Think of yourself as a lamp. The earth is the outlet. When you ground yourself you literally “plug in”.

Electrons flow through your skin and find a home in your body. Wherever you need it the energy will go. Have inflammation with free radicals looking for electrons? Ground yourself and the earth will provide them. The next time you have an injury, spend some time grounded. The earth can heal you.

Any natural surface will do. Grass, dirt and sand are all perfect. A little moisture added to the mix (like dew on grass or wet sand) increases conduction. Sidewalks are also a backup possibility but asphalt (which is not a good conductor) wouldn’t be an option. Go natural whenever possible.

Keep in mind that rubber absorbs electricity and will block any benefit from grounding. Leather soled shoes are an option for folks wanting to get more yet still keeping some shoes on.

Earthing sheets and pads are another option for people looking for more ways to connect to the earth. Check those out and so much more about reconnecting to the earth at

Thanks for reading, have a “plugged in” day!



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