Don’t Pass Up An Opportunity

Move Naturally, Connect & Enjoy


Yesterday I went to the park to do some sprinting and gymnastics work. I ended up running through the sprinklers.

While doing my sprinting and getting some sun on a beautiful southern California day, I saw the sprinklers come on and thought, “Wait… should I?”

The rational side chimed in, “No, not the best idea- you have to get back to work in a bit and didn’t bring a change of clothes.

Then the kid side almost screamed in response, “Are you kidding me? Those sprinklers were made to be run through!! Your shorts will dry! Run, Kyle, Run!!”

And so I took off. Like only the kid inside of me could. I ran through some, dodged a few and jumped over the rest, trying to make my way through the field of land mines and lasers as fast as I could. Down and back, round after round, me against the sprinklers. It was quite the battle but in the end I think we both won.

I ended up getting a bit wet but had a blast. So worth it. Exercise, sun, connection and fun.

Opportunity seized.

Thanks for reading, have a opportunity grabbing day!


    • That’s funny- I actually thought while I was doing it “I bet Bryan would dig this.” If I can figure out the schedule I will let you know!

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