Bust A Move

Move Naturally & Enjoy


Whole body multi-directional, coordinated and rhythmic movement. The oldest form of exercise and possibly one of the best ways to express our physical selves. Part of every culture and full of tradition, meaning and purpose. A fantastic way to move naturally and, hopefully, enjoy yourself in the process.

I have been thinking about writing a little something on dance for a little while and then on Friday I went to the “family festival” at my son’s school and watched this take place…

Play music and people dance. Particularly kids, who just love moving to music and aren’t yet afraid of what they look like. So refreshing. These kids just danced on stage for 30 minutes almost nonstop. Moving their bodies whichever way felt good. Having fun, being in the moment.

It is so easy to do and so many of us will gravitate toward dancing when we hear music that inspires us. Yet I, like many others out there (particularly the men folk), have spent many parties and weddings sitting on the sideline, watching my wife and a collection of other people (mostly ladies) bust a move on the dance floor. Why? Because I’m a little shy and embarrassed what other people might think. But whenever I take a step back I realize what I’m missing out on. A primal connection between music and my body. A fantastic form of exercise. Something nearly everyone likes to do when fear isn’t part of the equation. Something so good for your mind, body and soul. There is just something so pure about dancing.

So next time you hear some good music, don’t be shy, bust a move…

Thanks for reading, have a great dancing day!


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