Making Better Choices

I often talk to people about making better choices. Progress taking priority over perfection. Like anything else, making better choices takes some attention, discipline and practice. Once you get a feel for making smarter choices it becomes easier and easier until eventually it is programmed into your overall way of life. One of the best ways to practice is when grocery shopping. Since stores are full of choices it can be very empowering to get good at making better choices when you’re there. Here is a quick look at some examples of how to make better choices when going to the grocery store…

Tuna (canned)

Butter (Spread vs. Buttery Spread)

Yogurt Tubes (strawberry)


Cookies (cream filled)

Oat Cereal (honey)

Peanut Butter (smooth)

Granola Bar (chocolate chip)

Oatmeal (maple brown sugar)


These are just a few examples of how you can make smarter choices when shopping for food. Whenever you can, choose the better option between foods. The amount of chemicals, colorings, preservatives and additives you can keep from exposing yourself to really adds up over time.

Thanks for reading, have a great day!



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