Fresh Air


“I just need to get some fresh air”

Fresh Air
What an interesting concept if you think about it. How amazing is it that not too long ago there was no such thing as the concept of “fresh” air because all air was fresh air. Air was just… well, air.

This desire for “fresh” air that so many of us can relate to implies that we are in essence, living in stale, lifeless or dirty air. When did this happen? Not too long ago, actually. Just in the last few decades we, particularly us city folk, started spending more and more time inside. From house to car to office to restaurant to store and back. Repeat. Day after day. Month after month. Season after season. Life goes on in stale air.

We can’t let this be our reality- life in stale, dirty or bland air. Everyone has it in their power to get outside on a regular basis. Breathe the outside air, connect to one of the most simple and basic components of life.

Make a point of getting some good fresh air every day and as often as possible and your life will certainly be enriched for the better.

Thanks for reading, have a fresh day!

P.S. Here’s something else to consider: not too long ago we were outside so much that we probably craved being indoor or some kind of enclosed air more than we craved “fresh” air. My how things have changed.


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