The Newest Five Fingers


Back on the Five Fingers Track
It’s been a while since I’ve gotten some new shoes so there were many versions to choose from in both Vibram land and all of the other minimalist shoe companies coming into the exploding barefootish footwear scene.

Although about a dozen shoes from several companies were on my radar to try, two of the most intriguing to me were from the Vibram Five Fingers collection: SeeYa LS and EX-L. The SeeYas came out last year and the LS (laced) version looked like a great new addition to my collection. Super lightweight and adjustable, these are awesome shoes. The EX-L is one of the newest Vibram Five Fingers and are very similar to the Classics, one of my favorite. These are simple, even lighter than the SeeYas and fit snug and true. Almost a sock like feel but still enough shoe to feel quite protected. Love these the minute I put them on.

The SeeYa LS…

The EX-L…

The Bare 5 Bottom Line:
These both rock!

Thanks for reading, have a great day!

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