Rich Food Poor Food


Of all of the food guides I’ve come across over the years, this could be my favorite. Rich Food, Poor Food by Mira & Jayson Calton gives us a simple, well thought out and super practical resource in the pursuit of better health. Based on the premise of finding nutrient rich foods and limiting nutrient poor foods, this book takes the shopper through the grocery store aisle by aisle and gives great tips on how to look at food quality and even lists their favorite and least favorite food brands in each food category. Anything you can think of from meat to potato chips, they have taken a good look at broken down to the bare ingredients. Calories, fat, sodium, saturated fat don’t matter here. What matters are the quality of the food sources and the ingredients, plain and simple. This is a great real food resource.

If you need a simple guide that either holds your hand through your grocery shopping experience, gives you a guiding nudge in the right direction, or just expands your knowledge of food production, check this book out. Any resource that helps us find nutrient dense foods from good sources while limiting the GMOs, toxins, dyes, preservatives and other junk gets a thumbs up from Bare 5.

One of the best things the authors did was create a Rich Food Resource Center on their website Calton Nutrition that is a gold mine of info, coupons and even request forms (with SKU #s) that you can take to your local store and ask the manager to order and carry in their store. They didn’t miss a thing and have officially created my favorite food shopping guide.

Thanks for reading, have a great rich food week!

P.S. You can get the book on their site, almost anywhere that sells books but here’s the Amazon link for those Amazon lovers.



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