Nature Walk

Today I took a hike down a familiar little gully trail and I really paid attention to the world around me. Here’s a little video of what it looked and sounded like…

What you can see from the simple 3 minute clip of a little section along that trail are how many different colors, shapes, sizes, textures, patterns, movements, angles, lights, shadows and depths you are surrounded by in nature. Listening to the sounds of birds, creatures, wind, and trickling water you get the same experience. The sights and sounds of life. What I also experienced but you couldn’t get from the video was even more complete and engaging. The smell of nature, clean, simple and varied. The warmth of the sun, the coolness of the shadows, the feel of the soft breeze and the varied texture of the ground I walked on, changing with every step and keeping me absolutely in the moment. A truly “connected” experience.

If you get a chance to take some time, even a few minutes, to connect with nature you cannot pass it up. Go for a nature walk, push pause on your busy life, open up your senses to the world around you and simply let the scene come alive before you. If you let it in, nature will not disappoint.

Thanks for reading, have a great nature walking day!

P.S. Notice the contrast in the video of that unnatural bridge? Rigid, hard, uniform, bland. No life to it at all…

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