Macs in a PC World


Thought-tober: Apples out of their element.

I think many of the problems we see in our world today, even with all their complexities, can be summed up in this simple analogy: People are Macs living in a PC world. Humans trying to operate and live in this technologically dominated world is like trying to run Mac software on a PC. You can do it most of the time and work around it but it just doesn’t quite look or operate the way it’s designed and problems seem to pop up quite often.

People have a very complex genetic blueprint code written by the ultimate developer: Mother Nature. She wrote the human program just like all her other programs, based off the hardware operating system of nature. Everything in the code is written for a natural environment. It’s intuitive, works well and has very few crashes.

Unfortunately humans have fallen victim to the ultimate hacker: ourselves. Trying to take advantage of loopholes and shortcuts to imbed ourselves with technology, we have found a way to stream our program onto this technogical platform that we really don’t know how to interact with. We were smart enough and had enough time to build in some tweaks to allow us to function but the more we use the mismatched program the more we see slow functioning, errors, crashes and, for lack of a better term, anunnatural and unsatisfying experience.

Just as we aren’t surprised when Mac programs don’t fuction optimally on a PC, don’t be surprised when humans don’t function optimally when operating in a ever encompassing and technologically dominant world.

The best way to get the program running smoothly? Reconnect it to the platform for which it was designed…

*If you prefer PCs then just switch the two systems and you get the same result. A mismatch that works but is far from optimal.

Thanks for thinking, have a great day!


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