American Ninja Warrior


After many years watching Ninja Warrior I decided it was time to toss my hat into the ring. Enough people have told me I need to be on the show so, paired with my belief I could do well, I couldn’t sit idly by any more. So I put together a little video and applied for the regional tryout. We will see what happens but no matter the result it was a lot of fun filming some of the stuff and putting it all together.

Here’s to the American Ninja Warrior folks seeing some potential in this simple father of three who stays in decent shape when he’s not bow hunting training…

Good news: I made it onto the show! Bad news: Slipped off the Spinning Wheel and it was over almost before it started. A great experience all the way around but the early exit has simply fueled my training for next year!

Thanks for reading, have a great day!



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