Get Inspired, Don’t Copy

Success stories are inspiring. When we see or hear of someone doing something great or achieving a goal it awakens our spirit and desire to do the same, particularly if they do something we want to do. Inspiration is amazing in what it can drive people to do. An inspired person can literally do almost anything they feel is possible.

Unfortunately, when we see success in someone else, human nature often lures us into thinking that copying their approach, habits or program is the way to achieve success. We’ve all done it more times than we realize. Person X you admire does things A, B & C therefore if you want to be like person X you must do A, B & C. Whether it’s weight loss, fitness, schooling, fashion, parenting or relationships, we seem to think there’s a simple cause and effect equation for success.

How many books on weight loss and starting a million dollar business are out there right now?

The problem, as you might guess, is that we are all so different it’s foolish to copy what someone else does and expect it to produce the same results for you.

Hear about a friend that loses the same amount weight that you’d like to use? Don’t rush out and copy what they did, let it serve as inspiration to find what will work for you.

The lesson is to let other people inspire you, don’t copy what they do.

I have explored this concept of individuality many times before (Snowflakes, Unique Paths and Other People’s Glasses) and it certainly rings true for most people. It may be easier to simply mimic the people you want to be like but the smarter thing is to be inspired by their example and use that energy to find your way to success.

Get inspired, don’t imitate.

Thanks for reading, have a great day!


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