Climb The Mountain In 2015

2015 got off to a great start as the family and I took a nice hike in Santiago Oaks Regional Park, exploring the hills on a great sunny, 55 degree day. Fresh air, good exercise, little birds and only a few kid complaints along the way made for a great 3 mile hike along Mountain Goat trail.
As we were finishing our trek my wife suggested that our theme for 2015 should be “Climb The Mountain” and I thought that was pretty good idea. We all have mountains to climb in life, both literally and figuratively, and I like putting that at the forefront of our thinking. No matter the size or terrain of the mountain we face, or how tired our legs or spirit might be, if we keep our eyes on the summit and those legs moving we can get to the top. As our boys were often reminded today, the way up might be tough but the view is almost always worth it and it’s a lot easier on the way down.

Here’s to all of us climbing the mountains we face this year. Keep our spirits up, legs moving and we will meet you at the top.

Thanks for reading, have a great year!



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