Lost In A Foreign Land


Imagine you’re lost in a foreign country, wandering the streets of a bustling city. All around you are strange sounds and voices speaking a language you have no familiarity with. You feel uncertain, anxious and just plain lost. Searching for something you recognize, something familiar, something to make you feel welcome and safe. You are searching for some glimpse of connection.

Now think of your body as that wandering tourist, lost in the foreign country. Surrounded by uncertainty, strange sights and people speaking a strange language. This is like the collection of unnatural human stimuli we are surrounded by: being indoors, constantly in climate controlled houses, offices and cars bathed in artificial light, with fake food, perfumes, computer sounds, virtually no movement in body or the environment, technology, sleep deprivation and stress all around us. Confused, anxious and lost, the body yearns for the familiar. Looking for that glimpse of familiarity that anchors it and gives comfort. Looking for natural human stimuli: being outdoors in varying temperatures and sunlight, with real food, natural smells, sounds of animals and nature, movement of the body and the world around us, human interaction, rest, enjoyment, etc..

When humans experience a lack of natural stimuli (replaced by unnatural stimuli) it is like a foreign language, confusing and often frustrating to us. Our primal, instinctual and hardwired human biology starts to search for the familiar, for our native language, the place like home in a foreign country. And although it can survive in this foreign land, surrounded by strange sights, sounds and a language it can’t understand, it knows at the core that there’s no place like home. It has a craving to return home. It has a craving for the familiar. It has a craving for connection.

Everything in the human body can be traced back to this basic craving to connect to the natural world and human experience. This is what governs our health and wellness. Our health is dependent upon the body achieving natural connection. Without natural stimulus we are all lost humans in a foreign land, craving connection, searching for that feeling of completeness, tapping our heels together, saying “there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home…”

I want us to get back home. If we want it bad enough, we can reconnect to our roots and start letting our body understand the language of its surroundings. The original, natural, universal connected human experience is our native language. This is what we crave. This is what I’m going to spend some time exploring over the next three posts. Next we look a little deeper into the body’s native language…

Thanks for reading, have a great day!

P.S. This is part 1 of 6 in the Connection series. Stick with me to explore this topic in detail…



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