Top 10 Posts From 2014

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/d70/20099238/files/2015/01/img_00621.pngI’ve seen a few of these recaps from some sites/blogs that I follow so I thought it would be neat to do the same thing: take a look back at all last year’s articles and see the ones that garnered the most attention out of the 92 posts I managed to put together. So without further adieu, here are the top 10 posts from Bare 5 in 2014…

10. What Is Middle Age? – A little thought experiment on how we define middle age and what that might actually mean.

9. Doctors & Nutrition – My thoughts on doctors and nutritional information.

8. Is It Carbs Or Fat? – My thoughts on a very common (and important?) debate these days.

7. Waking Up In The Middle Of The Night – Rethinking what normal sleep patterns might be.

6. Nourishing Movement – Exploring the concept of feeding and nourishment through movement.

5. The Definitive Answer To 20 Of Your Biggest Health Questions – My thoughts on an article claiming to definitely answer some big health questions.

4. Icing Injuries: Another Whoops – Rethinking the use of ice/cold to treat injuries and how it might actually work against healing.

3. The Wisdom of Matthew McConaughey – A fun little post about a commercial that must have been so popular due to the star attraction, not necessarily my groundbreaking thoughts. 🙂

2. Life Lessons I Learned From 80s Movies – The most fun article I wrote this year. Anytime you can work in The Princess Bride and The NeverEnding Story to a blog post it’s gonna be a winner.

1. My Dad – Without a doubt this was number one in both my heart and the reads it got. Pretty fitting since my dad was definitely number one to me.

Although not my top stat-wise, and in no particular order, here are 10 of my favorite ones I wrote…

Frogs, Hot Water & Encino Man – Thoughts on how we got so far disconnected.

Why I’m A Yo-Yo Dieter – Why I eat different ways and weigh different weights throughout the year on purpose.

Food Friends, Morality & Chocolate Chip Cookies – Thoughts on judgement about food.

Let’s Be Wrong – Why I want to be wrong.

Atreyu, Morla & The Perfect Diet – How chasing the perfect diet is truly a never ending story.

Other People’s Glasses – Why a health prescription should be unique.

Go With The Flow – Thoughts on adapting to the ever changing world around us.

Sensible Sun Exposure – Why the sun isn’t the problem and how we can be smart about our relationship with the sun.

A Different Kind Of Church – Church is everywhere.

Are You Searching Or Finding? – Thoughts on chasing things in our lives.

If you missed any of these give them a read and see what all the commotion
was about.

Thanks for reading, have a great day!


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