Carbs vs. Technology

I pose a simple question…

What are you more addicted to, carbohydrates or technology?

Give it some thought…

What would be harder to give up, sugar or your iPhone? Bread or TV? Cereal, pasta and desserts or your computer and the internet?

Taken as a group, what would be harder to give up, all the sweets and carbs in your life or all the computers and technology?

Taken a step further: which one would give you more benefit if you stopped?

For me, I would rather give up carbohydrates because it would be easier than giving up technology. However, I think giving up technology would be more beneficial for me, particularly since I’m pretty dependent on it and have never done without it. No doubt, however, giving up either would be tough but probably pretty beneficial.

What would you do? What’s harder to give up?

There’s no right answer, I just thought it was a fascinating thought experiment. Because we can live without either, what are we more addicted to carbohydrates or technology?

Thanks for reading, have a great day!



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