When Good Diets Go Bad

We’ve all seen it in others or been there ourselves. A great diet or nutrition plan that turns you into a miserable human being. It has all the perks of health…except for the part about you feeling good and enjoying your life.

Vegan? Might be great for some and cure many ails but it definitely alienates, complicates and leaves many in a worse place lifestyle wise.

Paleo? Same thing. Many gain physical health but turn into crazy people afraid of most food and criticizing just about everything they come across.

Low carb? Ditto. Another one leaving people struggling to fit in and scared of anything that even resembles a piece of fruit.

These and so many other diets might be a great or even “perfect” diet but if they ruin your life then they aren’t very good for you. Think of it this way:

If your diet…

…Teaches you to fear something (fat, animal products, carbs, bread, GMOs, fill in the blank) – it’s a diet gone bad.

…Makes you crazy about what you eat (or don’t eat) – it’s the wrong one for you.

…Creates an evangelical need for you to share its praises to everyone around you whether they like it or not – it’s gone to a bad place.

…Leaves you cranky all the time – it’s a bad match.

…Makes you judge others and apply morality to food – it’s definitely a bad fit.

…Makes it difficult to go out to dinner with friends – it’s a diet gone bad.

…Complicates your family life – it’s not worth it.

…Defines who you are – it’s gone too far.

…Causes you stress – it’s the wrong one for you.

Conversely, if your diet teaches you to learn how different foods make you feel and contribute to your goals then it’s the right one for you. If it makes you feel better physically without destroying your mental attitude and approach to the world- it’s the right one for you. If it allows you to function in the real world and accept other peoples nutrition choices while exploring your own then it definitely is right for you.

We all want to be healthy and want the same for those around us but we can’t forget that health includes much more than the food you put in your mouth. No matter how great a diet might be, it has to fit into your life and enhance it all the way around. Good diets make your health better without making your life worse. Even the greatest diets go bad when they end up making people change who they are and complicating their life, particularly when they end up judging others in the process. Stick to the diets or approaches that are good for the whole health of your life and you’ll find much more success and enjoy the journey even more.

Thanks for reading have a great day!

Side note: you can go on a vegan diet without becoming vegan just as you don’t have to be low carb forever. A diet can be temporary and shouldn’t define you.

Here’s a nice article on diet and misery.

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