Don’t White Goodman Your 2017

One of the most common things I’ve come across over the years is the year end “ah screw it” that comes around Christmas and extends until about Jan 1 (or longer). This attitude reflects people pretty much conceding all reasonable behaviors and giving themselves permission to eat, drink and be merry til the new year when they can take the health and weight loss seriously. So basically they give up on even trying, often because they’ve slipped up a little and want an excuse to dig themselves a bigger hole to have to climb out of in the new year.

We’ve all been there. Our Peter Lafleur moment. Cashed in when the balls don’t bounce our way.

Let me be your Lance Armstrong.

Why do we do concede the end of the year? So we “still get to live life” and don’t have to sacrifice enjoying ourselves? I get that but most people I know don’t need to splurge 3-5 meals a day for a week or two to be “living life.” There’s a couple meals/days during that period where I absolutely agree- live it up. Go big. But the other 20-30 are regular life meals and don’t need to be cashed in. Don’t go White Goodman on me.

The last week of December is where people put on 2-3 pounds simply from giving up.

Don’t forfeit your year. Be an Average Joe and finish strong. When life throws the Purple Cobras in front of you, remember your training. Dodge, Dip, Dive, Duck and Dodge. A.k.a. dodge stale cookies, dip into some exercise, dive into bed at a reasonable time, duck the stressful choices and dodge the bad people. Bottom line: make good choices when you’re not celebrating and exercise a little more. Go get it from now until Jan 1.

Bet on yourself the last part of the year and you’ll be in great shape to cash in the new year. Enjoy your Christmas and New Years but be smart the rest of the time and you can actually win big the last week instead of limping sluggishly into January.

Thanks for reading, have a great holiday!

P.S. Chuck Norris is on your side…

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