Top Posts of 2017

Before planning on where you’re going, it’s nice to remember where you’ve been and what you’ve learned. 2017 has been a nice busy year for me personally and professionally, which is reflective in how much inconsistency there’s been in Bare 5 land. I wasn’t able to write as much as hoped (only about two dozen posts) so I took at look back at what I covered and what people connected with. Without further adieu, here are the top 10 posts from Bare 5 this year, from oldest to most recent…

Bare 5 Top 10: 2017

Out With A Few Old & In With A Few New

The Last Year (a.k.a. We Were On A Break)

Running Is Like Bread

Ninja on the Couch


The Playground Ninja

40 Health Lessons

The Big Bad Wolf

The Keto Diet – A New Fad or An Amazing Wight-Loss Tool?

If People Would Just Sleep They Would Be Hard To Kill

All these came in behind the overall most popular reads of the year which were all archived posts from years past…

Digestion: From Top to Bottom

Guys and That Time Of Year

Avoid Vegetable & Seed Oils

My New Favorite Vitamin: K2

New Balance MR10v2

Grocery Labels/Ingredients Guide

Does The Sun Cause Wrinkles?

Humans, Dinos & Chimps Oh My

Glycemic Index & Load

Alkaline Water, Sodium, Dieting and Olivia Pope

Who Do You Think You Are, Homo Sapiens?

Thanks for reading and for a great 2017!


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