Rinse and Repeat

–You are what you eat–

I’m sure you’ve all hear that before. Although it used to be linked with fat, as in “if you eat fat you’ll be fat” the point to the statement is if you eat good food you’ll be healthy and feel good, if you eat terrible, you’ll feel and look terrible. Probably pretty true for the most part but the underlying message is the important part…

We are a product of what we do.

More specifically, we are a product of what we do consistently.

If you consistently spend time in bad posture, your body will reflect that. Conversely, if you consistently have good posture and do things that reinforce a strong, straight body, your body will reflect that.

If you consistently eat well, your body will feel good and managing your weight will be easier. The longer you do that, the more you will start to reflect your behavior.

If you are consistent with getting to bed late, you will be tired.

If you are consistent with stretching, your body will become looser and more mobile.

If you are consistent with being pessimistic, you will become a pessimist.

If you consistently practice the piano, you will become a piano player. Maybe not the best, but you will be a piano player.

No one becomes a great athlete by practicing once. No one hits their goal weight by skipping one meal. My neighbors’ twins are out playing baseball in the street all the time. Shocking to none, they’ve become pretty good little baseball players. I tell both my kids and my clients all the time…

If you want to get better at something, you need to practice it.

No matter the behavior or scope of life, we are what we do consistently. If you want to be healthier and happier, you need to be consistent at things that promote that. No matter how small the behavior, if done consistently, your actions will define you. If you make them health promoting, you will become healthier.

Pick some things that you want to change and practice being consistent at them. Doing high quality behaviors/practices helps enhance your pursuits but that shouldn’t be a barrier to being consistent. You don’t have to be perfect, just be consistent. Just like anything in life, becoming healthier can be a process but the more you do it the easier it gets.

To get better at health, in all it’s forms, we need to practice it. Over and over. Be consistent. Rinse and repeat.

Thanks for reading, have a great May!


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