Progress, Not Perfection


One of the most important messages I can share with someone: getting healthier is about progress and not perfection.

Although inspiring, this vague concept has plagued many a health quests. Instead of focusing on getting better and gaining health, people burn out or give up, having failed at capturing this unattainable, undefinable thing called perfection.

How many diets have been abandoned because of one bad meal or day? How many times have people not even tried to eat better, saying “I could never eat like that” inferring that you have to adhere to some form of perfection if you choose to embark upon eating better. Instead of focusing on the amazing progress that could be or has been achieved, the perceived failure of achieving a perfect month or lifestyle drives or shames us into giving up or worse: not even trying. Cheating on a diet or missing a few days of exercise doesn’t take away all the good meals and activity you’ve already accomplished.

All we really need to think about is getting a little bit better. As the cliche goes, every little step counts. Each step doesn’t take you that far by itself but is necessary to get you to the destination. Add up a bunch of steps and you can travel a long way toward improving health or anything in life.

Want to eat more naturally but can’t wrap your head around being nutritionally “perfect”? Then don’t worry about it. Just become a “better” eater. Besides, there’s no such thing as dietary perfection. We don’t even know what a “perfect” diet is- for anyone on this planet. We have ideas of healthier practices and behaviors (eat fresh/whole food, limit processed food products, sleep well, reduce stress, move around, get some nature exposure, love, laugh, etc.) but there is no “perfect” for anything in life, and especially not diet or health.

Choose anything you want in life. Then just get better at it, make some progress. Even if you don’t do it “perfect”, it will be better than it was before.

Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good.

Can’t give up bread? Just eat less of it.

Can’t give up sugar? Just eat less of it.

Can’t always buy fresh, local farm raised meat? Get good meat whenever you can.

Can’t always eat lots of fruits and vegetables? Just eat more than you used to.

However and whenever you can… do better.
Take your health more seriously. Read more. Listen more. Learn more.
Eat more real food.
Find food products with less additives.
Eat less vegetable oil whenever possible.
Eat less food with soy in it.
Switch out table salt for real salt.
Drink more water.
Walk a little more.
Do push-ups and squats whenever you can, even if it is only 5 at a time.
Sleep a little more.
Laugh a little more.
Love a little more.

The list goes on- you choose the steps. You choose the path and the pace. Just keep progressing.

Every step leads you up the staircase toward a better place.

Thanks for reading, have a great journey, one step at a time!


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