…Everything I’ve Been Told?

But What About Everything I’ve Been Told?

We have been told a lot of things over the past few decades regarding health, nutrition, fitness and wellness and I have come to the conclusion that many of those things are wrong. I don’t believe that we have been deceived purposefully, just that the people making the decisions often did so without looking at both sides of the story. Many times, in the rush to solve a problem, people go with the first and most convenient answer. Sometimes they are correct, sometimes not. Don’t think that I am questioning everything we have been told, but some of the things. There are a few big ones, such as the healthful nature of carbs and the harm of saturated fat, and there are a few small ones as well. All I want people to do is hear the other side of the story and think more critically about what they believe after hearing both perspectives.

Here are a few articles that question some of our big long standing beliefs on nutrition and health…

What If It’s All Been A Big Fat Lie? Article from NY Times Magazine by Gary Taubes

Do Carbs, Not Fat, Threaten the Heart? Article from Scientific American

A Reversal on Carbs LA Times story about the shift in nutritional thinking

Cleaning Up Your Carb Act Follow-up to the LA Times story

The Cholesterol Myth The story of cholesterol that can help save your life

Some videos…

Gary Taubes interview on Larry King Live (Part 1) Based off of Good Calories, Bad Calories with Mehmet Oz and Andrew Weil
Gary Taubes Interview on Larry King Live (Part 2)

Big Fat Lies Fat Head Movie trailer


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