…Whole Grains?

But What About Whole Grains?

Not as completely misunderstood, but heavily confused. Whole grains are likely not the ultimate health food that they have been portrayed to be. Can people be healthy and eat them? Yes. Could their health be better without them? Probably. There are several components to grains that seem to be problematic. First, humans likely did not consume grains for much of our existence. They are newer on the food scene, and we are likely adapting, but are not well adapted to eat them. This may be philosophical argument, but there is some metabolic, cellular and chemistry work that appears to lend backing to this line of thought. Grains contain several things that make them potentially problematic: high carbohydrate content, gut irritants, mineral binders, and proinflammatory components. Most importantly, there is nothing contained in grains that you cannot get from other sources.

A few articles on grains…

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Grains and Human Evolution Post from Whole Health Source

Gluten: Friend or Foe? Article from Livestrong

Gluten Intolerance: Against The Grain Guide from Web MD


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