Websites I Like

These are the websites I find I go to the most often for info, news and entertainment. This is not an exclusive list, there are several fantastic sites that I will likely add as time goes on. But for now, these are my go to sites and blogs.


Birthday Shoes

Chris Kresser


Exuberant Animal

Heartscan Blog

Latest In Paleo

Mark’s Daily Apple


Paleo Solution

Underground Wellness

Whole Health Source

Here is my ever expanding list of great sites and blogs with helpful information and thought provoking content!

Academy of Lions CrossFit Canada site
Against the Grain Nutrition Why grains are problematic
Ageless Fitness Fitness & health info
Agricultural Research Center Nutrient Data Charted vitamins and minerals by source
Archevore Essential eating and living blog
Arthur Devany Evolutionary nutrition & fitness

Balanced Bites Paleo based food site
Beyond Vegetarianism Transcending Outdated Dogmas
Birthday Shoes The world of barefoot and minimalist shoes
Blood Sugar 101 What they don’t tell you about diabetes
Body By Boyle Strength & conditioning info
Body By ScienceHigh Intensity Low Volume Workout Info
Bones and Hormones Functional Diagnostic Nutrition
Body Solution Program Weight loss program
Bye Bye Carbs Autism, Glycation, Toxicology and Nutrition website

Carb Smart Low carb products
Carb Wire Low Carb news, notes & recipes
Cave Girl CafeGluten Paleo Blog & Coffee Source
Chek Institute Functional lifestyle coaching/programs
Cholesterol and Health The science behind cholesterol
Chris Kresser Medicine for the 21st century
Coconut Research Center Everything coconut
Controlled CarbAtkins news & info
Core PerformanceFitness & health info
Critical MAS Health, nutrition & lifestyle blog
Cuisine for Whole Health Recipes and more
Cut The Fat Podcast Health and weight loss info and resources from the podcast

David Rainoshek Integral Evolutionary Living
Diabetes Solution Diabetic wellness & nutrition
Diet Doctor Blog of Andreas Eenfeldt
Dragon DoorKettlebell & fitness info
Dr. Cate Health from a traditional view
Dr. Hardick Health news and info from a passionate speaker
Dr. John Diamond Healing From Within (Holistic Health)
Dr. K News Hypothyroidism & functional medicine

Eat Clean Diet Basic nutrition & clean eating
Eat Wild Guide for local food
Elana’s PantryGluten Free Recipes
Emotions For Engineers Language and understanding of emotions
Erin Huggins Holistic health, nutrition and fitness
Everyday Paleo Paleo & family friendly recipes
Evolutionary Health Systems Evolutionary news & notes
Evolutionary Psychiatry Mental health from an evolutionary perspective
Evolvify Evolutionary Psychology
Exuberant AnimalGetting back to our roots, playfully and fun

Fat-Burning Man Paleo Fat Loss, Primal Fitness & Health
Fat Fiction U.K. based nutrition & health blog
Fighting Aging Longevity and life extension website
Fit BombExercise info
Fitness Anywhere Suspension Bodyweight Training (TRX)
Four Fold Healing Dr. Thomas Cowan: Family Holistic Healing
Four Hour Work WeekLiving a simpler and healthier life
Free the Animal Primal based news & notes
Functional FoodieNutrition & food blog

The Gabriel Method Weight loss and health site
Gary Taubes Nutrition blog & info
Getting Stronger Hormesis: Thrive on stress
Gluten Free Casein Free Info for the gluten & casein sensitive
Gnolls Reclaiming evolutionary heritage
Good Life Menus Meal Planning
Grass Based Health Natural food sources for us and our food
Gray Cook Functional movement & health
Green Smoothie Girl Whole food advocate via smoothies
Growing Up Paleo Paleo pregnancy & raising a paleo child
Gymnastics Bodies Gymnastics inspired fitness

Harder Better Faster StrongerFitness, health & nutrition blog
Health Correlator Evolution, statistics & nutrition blog
Health Impact News Coconut headquarters
Healthy HabitHealth Food Store
Healthy Mind Fit Body Health news & notes, blog and podcast
Healthy Low-Carb LivingLow-carb news & notes
The Healthy Home Economist Traditional food and cooking
Heart Scan Blog Health & Cardiovascular topics
Hey That Tastes GoodGluten free cooking
Hunter-Gatherer Primal news & notes
Hunt Gather Love Primal news & notes
HyperlipidHealth blog, fat centered info

Innovative Metabolic Solutions Research & Education
Institute For Responsible Technology GMO info

Jack Kruse A neurosurgeon’s take on living an optimized life
Jorge Cruise Dietary advice based on limiting sugar intake

Kelly the Kitchen Kop Low Carb & Family
Kettlebell Planet Kettlebell & fitness info & blog

Lean Gains Fitness & Intermittant Fasting
Let Them Eat MeatEx-vegan Health Blog
Life As a Plate Diet & Cooking for families
LivestrongOverall health & wellness site, with food journaling
Livin La Vida Low-CarbEverything Low Carb & Podcast
Logic of LosingWeight Loss Blog
Local Harvest Local farming sources
Low Carb FriendsLow carb resources
Low Carb Survival GuideResources & E-book
Low-Carb YouLow carb products
Low Glycemic LoadUsing glycemic load to manage health

Mark’s Daily AppleDaily news & notes for Primal living
Map My RunMapping tool for runners, walker, bikers, etc (or check out this guide for the best running apps from
Mercola Health news & articles for wellness
Metabolism SocietyMetabolic info
Mike Mentzer Bodybuilding & strength info (High Intensity)
Mobility WOD Flexibility and mobility info and exercises
Mother Nature Obeyed Chris Masterjohn’s blog at Weston A. Price website
MovNatNatural movement news and notes

Natural MessiahHealth and fitness blog
Naturally EngineeredNatural news & notes
Naturopath4You David Getoff’s health and wellness site
Nell StephensonPaleo health & fitness
NephropalMedicine & health through Charles Darwin’s eyes
Nom Nom Paleo Paleo nutrition & recipes
No White at Night Nutritional Rules for health & weight loss
Nourished KitchenGrain Free living & real food recipes
Nutrition Cancer Relationship between nutrition and cancer prevention, treatment and management

Office of Dietary SupplementsSupplement, vitamin & mineral info
1441 Performance education
Organic & Thrifty Organic news and info
Organic Pastures Fresh raw & cultured dairy & living products
Our Natural LifeHealthy living news & notes

Paleo BrandsPaleo Solution’s food store
Paleo Comfort Foods Paleo cookbook and recipes
Paleo Diet Lifestyle Paleo diet and recipes
Paleo DishPaleo Recipes
Paleo Parents Family related paleo news and info
Paleo Periodical Paleo lifestyle blog
PaNuDr. Kurt Harris’ Paleo Nutrition blog
Paleo Pepper Evolution and health blog
Paul ChekA hub for Chek’s numerous health sites
Perfect Human DietDocumentary website
Performance MenuExercise & Nutrition Info
Polyface Farms Family owned, pasture based, sustainable farming
Practical PaleolithicPaleo living in today’s world
Price Pottenger Nutrition Foundation Tradition diet and health
Primal Body-Primal MindPrimal nutrition and neurofeedback
Primal JournalPrimal news & notes
Primal Muse Primal news & notes
Primal Toad Common sense primal blog
Primal Wisdom Primal news & notes
Primalist Paleo centered blog
Protein Power Dr. Michael Eades site & blog

Raw Food SOS Science/conventional wisdom scrutiny
Real Age Convential health webiste with “real age” quotient
Renegade Health Raw food & vegan resource blog
Renaissance ExerciseSimple workout advice
RDFeinman Blog od Richard David Feinman
Robb Wolf’s Paleo Solution Paleo lifestyle & Podcast
Resistance Training Specialist Advanced training for the exercise professional

Second OpinionsA U.K. version of low carb news & notes
Spark A Synapse Evolutionary biology and health blog
Steve’s OriginalPaleo snacks and food

Talk To Me Johnnie Blog of John Welbourn
Thincs The international cholesterol skeptics
This Week in Paleo What’s new in the world of Paleo & Podcast
Todd Durkin Fitness & health info
Tribe of Five Traditional Health news & notes

UHealthRI Health & wellness info (ph basis)

Ultimate Cooking Resource Guide Comprehensive cooking info and tips
Underground Nutritionist Weight-loss and fitness info. Great Research section with links.
Underground Wellness Holistic health & nutrition info
USDA Nutrition Info Government nutrition & health info

Warrior Diet Nutrition & Fitness info
Weight of the Evidence Health – Lifestyle, Nutrition & Activity
Weston A. Price FoundationTraditional diet info & news
Westside Barbell Powerlifting, strength & conditioning
Whole 9Nutrition & health info
Whole Health SourceAncestral nutrition & health blog
Why Low Carb Diets WorkThe basics behind low carb diets

You Are Not So Smart Self Delusion, logic and reasoning

Zoe Harcombe Obesity and health research


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