The Super Spartan: Bare 5 Style

Looking for a way to get outside, challenge yourself mentally and physically and surround yourself with a bunch of like minded individuals? Look no further than the Spartan racing series. With a 3 mile Spartan Sprint under my belt last winter, last weekend I embarked upon the next level, the 8 mile Super Spartan…

I was looking for a fun but challenging event and the Super Spartan delivered in style. I arrived excited and energized. I left beaten down, exhausted and looking for bananas and coconut water…

My adventure racing partner in crime Bryan Franzen (of Frontdive Fitness) joined me in the fun and seemed to have the same complete experience from head to toe.

So Cal Super Spartan

Saturday Jan 28, 2012- Vail Lake Resort, Temecula, CA. Temperature: high 70’s. Wind 20-30mph. Dry and dusty.

Shoes: Vibram Kimodosport LS.

11 a.m. wave- Game on…

Please forgive me fellow athletes if I forget a few obstacles or hills…

Up the hill, running ridges and paths, up and down, up and down, 3 miles worth or so.

First obstacles include climbing over a large tree, a hill of hay bales and a small cargo net onto a trailer.

Followed by a half mile run in a dry river bed, sand and rocks.

Army crawl under barbed wire: 30 yards last 10 were up hill.

Hill running. Hill walking for that matter. More hills. More hills. More hills. Down the hill.

Balance beams. 6 foot walls. 10 foot walls. Monkey bars.

About half way done.

Spear throw (missed it, 20 burpees- that sucked the life out of me for a while)

Wall transverse…

10 foot wall climb. Sand bucket carry. Run some more hills. Tire carry down and up the hill. More hills.

Up the hill. Down the hill. Under a net. Up the hill…

10 foot wall. Up to the peak. Cargo net at the top of the hill. Make your way down…

More hills. Up and down. River running- this time with some water in it (very fun). Sand bucket wench pull. More sand running. More hills. Some low level hiking, crawling under brush (this was also very cool).

Big long, hills. One foot in front of the other. Just make it to the top. Deep breath, keep going. Made it. Two or three deep breaths…

Down off the mountain. Just a half mile to go…

Rock drag…

Rope climb. Mud pits. Deep and lots of them. Fun but tough.

Fire jump…

More mud pits.

Barbed wire, this time barrel roll through…

Slanted slippery wall. ERG machine: 200 meters.


No problem… Finished. Literally. Bananas. Coconut water. Wander around aimlessly. Fist bump for Bryan. Wash off in the lake.

Walk the mile back to the car. Cramp up. Drive an hour home. Cramp up more in the car.

Get home. Tell family about it. Lie on couch.

Eat. Sleep.

The Bare 5 Bottom Line: awesome.

Thanks to the Spartan Race for a great event, the Vail Lake Resort for a great venue and to Nuvision Active Image for great FREE photos of the event.

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