Things That Interested Me: Week of Jan 16, 2012

It’s been a few weeks so this update is packed with news, articles, videos and websites that cover the whole realm of health and fitness.

What interested me since the last review?
How about a neurosurgeon’s scientific prescription for optimal health, bananas, the history of the American diet, eating MORE cholesterol, the benefits of certain exercise, history of heart disease, salt, being human, why people are awesome, high intensity exercise, how to be healthier, stomach acid, discussing if humans are meat eaters or vegetarians, just adding water, worthless immune system boosters (ah, poor OJ), an RD questioning Paleo, Fox News reports on the “Caveman Diet”, CoQ10, UTIs, a cool talk show, a life extension organization and a couple recipes (pork chop marinade and egg cupcakes). Whew- that’s a crazy couple of weeks!

My Leptin Prescription – Dr. Jack Kruse shares his well developed, science based prescription for health and weight loss – this is really good stuff, if you don’t know about leptin yet, learn, it is huge.

I Have to Admit, I Forgot About Bananas Dr. Al Sears – the original superfood? I love them and have really enjoyed them post workout.

The American Diet: A Historical Perspective Dr. Stephan Guyenet TED Talk – Fantastic review of how we got to this place in our diet.

Why You Should Eat More (Not Less) Cholesterol Chris Kresser – particularly if you follow a Paleo style diet, this is a good read. Choline is a little known but very important nutrient. Moral of the story, make sure you eat your egg yolks and liver!

Dr. Doug McGuff on the Benefits of Exercise Dr. Mercola interview – two hours in length but a great look at why intense exercise so greatly outweighs traditional “cardio” exercise.

The Illustrated History of Heart Disease: 1825-2015 Diet Heart Publishing reviews the modern history of heart disease – fantastic point by point post, shows exactly why we have been led to misunderstand heart disease.

Don’t Hold the Salt: Attempts to Curb Sodium Intake are Misguided The Atlantic reviews salt consumption – once again a misunderstood paradigm.

Being Human Frontdive Fitness shares a cool perspective from Cherie Carter-Scott – a neat look at the 10 rules to being human.

People Are Awesome (Don’s Version) You Tube video from derDon1234 – awesome. simply awesome- searching for others and I found several “people are awesome videos” from several other people.

Dr. Doug McGuff on Exercise Dr. Mercola interviews the High Intensity Training specialist – great interview, if you still do cardio, listen to this interview.

10 Ways to Be Healthier (Inside and Out) in 2012 from Balanced Bites – great list, if you pick even 5 of these you’re on your way to much better health.

Why You Want More Stomach Acid, Not Less from Balanced Bites – reviewing the misunderstanding in how we look at issues like acid reflux and heartburn- if you or anyone you know take anything for “stomach acid” or digestion problems read this.

Are We Meat Eaters or Vegetarians? Part III – Dr. Michael Eades continues his series – good stuff, he lays down much of the science behind the nuances of this debate.

A New Year’s Resolution Idea: Just Add Water by Dr. Briffa – simple but often overlooked, the myriad of things that can happen if you’re even mildly dehydrated.

Why Your Favorite Immune Boosters Might Be Worthless by Nourished Kitchen – breaking down some of the myths most of us believe during cold and flu season.

‘RD’elusion – Nutrition Pro Questioning Paleo… by Amy Kubal, RD on – A nice response to an RD’s letter questioning Paleo.

The Caveman Diet: Is It a Healthy Option? via Fox News from Primal Docs – links to the Fox News piece where they review a study putting people on a caveman diet for 10 days- I wonder how that turned out…

A bunch of posts from Dr. Al Sears on CoQ10.

A collection of stuff on Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) and bacterial infection…

Urinary Tract Infection from Life Extension

Halt the Vicious Cycle of Urinary Tract Infections from Life Extension

Bacterial Infections: Protecting Yourself From Common Pathogens from Life Extension

Urinary Tract Infection in Women from University of Maryland Medical Center

Food and Diet to Cure Cystitis and Urinary Tract Infections from

A radio show that holds no punches…

Super Human Radio hosted by Carl Lanore – good stuff, he interviews people in the business of helping people become super human (just be ready for a lot of supplement ads).

A new foundation/website I joined…

Life Extension ( News, information, research and supplements for health and longevity minded people.

And a couple tasty recipes…

Grilled Thin Pork Loin Chops from Man Tested Recipes – I added oregano and lemon juice and used a little less white wine in the marinade, this was tasty.

Egg Cupcakes from Everyday Paleo – an easy and convenient preparation for quick breakfasts during the week.


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